Welcome home…

With much anticipation and little hesitation we jumped into the boiling pot of water that is the restaurant business. With a goal, a mission, a vision; to bring a robust menu, great bourbon, and an aggressively unique wine list to our friends in the community of Cornelius, Davidson, Mooresville and Huntersville.  This seems a little cliche, because it is. However when you get into a business that grinds the greats in to pieces and leaves little room for error, your focus has to be on a micro level and your execution masterful. So we keep it simple. Our friends are everything, and everyone that walks in is a friend.

It’s a 1906 house, the floors are rough and original, sometimes it’s hot, and sometimes it’s cold, as insulation clearly wasn’t a priority at the turn of the century. We embrace it. It’s not downtown at the bottom of a brand new high rise condo building with flashy lights, furniture, and the occasional athlete strolling by. Its quaint, it has a different calling, and a very distinctive voice.  

The minute you walk in, it should feel like you took a spin back in time. The home is inviting, the brick wall in the bar and the simple wood holding a 100 plus bottles of the finest bourbon and whiskey, reclaim a different time and immediately settle you in.  The original fireplace is a centerpiece that speaks to the craftsmanship of earlier generations. When I asked the contractors to remove the walls covering the fireplace, I was warned of what we may discover, “a piece-meal fireplace made of leftover materials, back in the day that’s what they used” so they said. I objected and disagreed, I had faith. I was correct. It’s a gorgeous piece of simplicity that’s come to life hidden behind drywall for years and years, signs of a new wave in modern culture, forgetting how great it once was. If I sound nostalgic, I am. The steward of the library style bar, seems plucked from the 30’s in his desire to experiment, only using the freshest ingredients, and presenting with a charm and attention to detail that melds with the house.

We created a menu, from scratch. Comfort food, with southern charm, and a hint of the coast. Our Chef isn’t afraid of the challenge and often finds himself looking for local ingredients, NC coastal specials that not only fit our friends but our vibe. Its not the easiest of ventures, there are better ways to earn a living, but nothing is better than being surrounded by friends, food, and of course booze!

Welcome Home!

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