(the) Home

Vintage seems cliché and trendy. Modern is over poured and less attractive every day. We embrace the past and fight for the future, indulging in the whimsical times when bourbon and wine on a Tuesday meant a good start to the weekend. When incredible food stops short of being pretentious and out of touch.  Welcome Home….


Circa 1906 the house became a meeting place , for family, food, adventurous cocktails without inhibitions. 15 years later a place to protest prohibition and respectful produce some of the best bourbons in the south. Today this house blooms in its pure vibrance of a day once forgotten. Our bartenders are more chemist, and specialist, their approach much more refined. Executive Chef Justin Morris, catapults your fork with less mechanics and more melody. A low country sultry palate, with a coastal feel like the wind from the ocean. But don’t be fooled by 120 year old bricks, or the pomp and circumstance, we still serve the best chicken and waffles this side of the Mason Dixon line.

Guest Driven

Our Guest….. Southern simple charm, incredible food and bespoke cocktails would most certainly fall short without true southern hospitality. Relax, enjoy the journey, every detail has been well thought out; move your mind and soul as we act as the captains of your trip and travels through time.


Families that Bourbon together stay together

Mothers in the kitchen

Washing out jugs,

Sisters in the pantry

Bottling the suds,

Fathers in the cellar

Mixing up the hops,

Johnny’s on the front porch

Watching for the cops ! 

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    1. Dinner Tuesday- Thursday 5-9 Friday and Saturday 5-10
    1. Sunday Brunch 10-2:00